St Peter’s Church: Harvest Festival Service

It was good to see so many in church for this year’s Harvest Festival.  The church had been beautifully decorated by Melissa, Helen, Karen, Dee and Olivia with flowers and fruit adorning all the windowsills and ledges.  Melissa’s wonderful pedestal arrangement included carrots and parsnips and Ed was particularly touched that she had placed a single red rose in the centre in memory of Joy (who died a year ago on 7th October).  Thank you to all those who took part in the service and congratulations to Ben for his fantastic drawing, depicting Harvest in Winterbourne Stoke.

Olivia Dutton

One thought on “St Peter’s Church: Harvest Festival Service

  1. Good to see the pictures of the flowers in the Church and what sounds like a real harvest festival service. Ours was restricted to canned and boxed food!

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