URGENT: Are You Having Problems Signing-Up For Fibre

We heard earlier today that one villager, living on Church Street, had been told by an Internet Service Provider that they could not get superfast fibre broadband on their phone line.

Unless you happen to live on the Berwick Road and have a phone number beginning 01722, all phones in Winterbourne Stoke are connected back to the Shrewton exchange via the old green cabinet and the new cabinet (Shrewton 7), which are located outside Manor Farm on the A303.   So all villagers, for example, those living on the A303 (High Street), Church Street, Brook Close, Meadow View and St Peter’s Close, should be able to get connected without any problem.  What’s going on is a bit of a puzzle

We’ve already got BT looking into this one case, but if you have had a similar response in the last week from any Internet Service Provider,   please can you let us know, by email as soon as possible and we will pass the information on to the team responsible for this particular scheme.   We need your name, address and phone number. 

We haven’t forgotten those who live on the Berwick Road either.  There is at least the possibility that a self-funded scheme could be used to connect back to the Shrewton 7 cabinet and the Shrewton telephone exchange.  We will hopefully know more in the next week or so.

4 thoughts on “URGENT: Are You Having Problems Signing-Up For Fibre

  1. For the record, Hill Farm Cottages (SP3 4TE) can also get superfast fibre broadband with projected download speeds of 21-29 Mbps and upload speeds of around 1 Mbps.

  2. Our BT contact was able to resolve this issue within 24 hours and has now been passed a second case, also from the northern end of Church Street.

  3. Hi I’m on Sky what do I have to do to get faster broadband

    1. Assuming that you live in the main part of Winterbourne Stoke, or at Hill Farm Cottages, it should just be a matter of calling your ISP, in your case Sky, asking them to sign you up to a superfast broadband contract and showering them with money. If you live on the Berwick Road and have an 01722 number, there is a problem and you might want to speak with William Grant at the Stonehenge Campsite.

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