A303 Stonehenge Scheme Public Consultation: Twiddling Our Thumbs

Well, the one thing we can say for certain about the planned A303 Stonehenge Scheme Public Consultation is that the silence from Highways England is pretty deafening.   Parishioners are left twiddling their thumbs and local, national and international reporters are left sharpening and re-sharpening their pencil stubs.

One thing has emerged that we can deal with whilst we wait and that is the process that is being followed.  There is still an awful lot of misunderstanding of what is happening, and what is going to happen, as evidenced by comments such as: “…come the Public Inquiry…”  Highways England have produced a very useful document that shows how it all works.  You might want to take the opportunity to read it.  For a government document, its a remarkably easy read.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council