Historic England Research: Exploring the Landscape of Stonehenge

Villagers may be interested in the the sixth issue of Historic England Research.

As Duncan Wilson, the Chief Executive of Historic England, says in his introduction:

“Given the current, and understandably passionate, debate about how best to manage serious and increasing traffic congestion on the A303 as it crosses the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, the focus on Stonehenge is timely. In this case our focus is not on visitor or traffic management through the site, but instead on how research by Historic England and others is continuing to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the Stonehenge landscape – an important ambition of the World Heritage Site Management Plan.”

Whatever your views on the proposed bypass for Stonehenge and our village, it is well worthwhile being aware of the latest views of the archaeologists involved in excavations within and on the borders of the World Heritage site.  As Sun Tzu wrote in the “Art of War” …


and as paraphrased later in English: “It pays to know your enemy”.
Of particular significance to us all may be the map on page 10, which shows just how arbitrary the boundaries of the World Heritage Site actually are and how there is much largely undocumented archaeology lying to the west of the A360 both to the north and to the south of the A303.
Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council